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Sonic Base 3D - Ears (detached) by Handepsilon
Sonic Base 3D - Ears (detached)
Sonic characters has a lot of varieties, including ears. Here are some ears that is usually used (some are kinda furry too)

Top : Big ears, based on Tails (the base of everything else)
Bottom : Small ears, the big ears resized and readjusted
Left : Round ears, Mongoose?
Right : Bat Ears

All turbo-smoothed, but switchable so I can still use it in UDK

UVW overlaps each symmetrical counterparts. Each shape has the exact same UVW mapping

WARNING : At the current moment, the file included is only a 3ds Max file. If you happen to use Blender or Maya, please report
Well, the new dA had ups and downs I guess. I just realized how my activities are  shown on the profile now... (even scraps o.o)

Probably need to realign my profile widgets

Why does the font look all big...?
Doodle - Cooper by Handepsilon
Doodle - Cooper
One of my future kids rosters. This is supposed to be a redesign because of his status as the son of my Gold and :iconig88bounty:'s Night. He has existed before they're paired, and he's much more simple, but now since he's a son from Knuckles tribe from Gold's side and Nocturnus tribe from Night's side, he gotta have things from both. Luckily both of them are scientists, so Copper's not far from that.

Thus come his design, an echidna with both simplicity and sophistication rolled into one. His overall clothing were simple, shirt and boots made of skin. Then he gets some hi-tech accessories with 'sorta' dark theme. The most functional one is the head band on the top that will serve as goggles (retractable).

He's yellowish, with red streaks like his mother, and his shirt is also modelled after her clothing design. His headband also bears the same insignia. His turquoise eyes are just random exploration

As to why his hands aren't mittens with spikes, that's because he's brain-type and rather shy
Feat. Image - Alexis Miantra by Handepsilon
Feat. Image - Alexis Miantra
Well, the second OC of the week. She used to have lots of weaps, which makes up for her powerlessness

Lexi (C) Casino Nights
Sketch - ShaarXNat, Bloodthirsty by Handepsilon
Sketch - ShaarXNat, Bloodthirsty
Yeah... Natasha is quenching her thirst on his poor, entranced boyfriend. She probably won't kill him though

I kinda like this dark romance they're having. How they both love each other, but is always ruined by Natasha's condition

Shaar (C) :iconig88bounty:
Natasha (C) :iconhandepsilon:


Handepsilon has started a donation pool!
1,669 / 10,000
Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

Commission will soon revert to sketchies and painting, perhaps...

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
*Cue music starts*

I'm an indie game developer. Currently taking Visual Communication Design degree. I have a lot of experience in UDK, and some regarding 3D, especially in 3Ds Max. Feel free to ask me anything.

My chars in 3D :

Epps - Full Body by Handepsilon

One shot, one kill by Handepsilon

Frost's new quill design? by Handepsilon

Semper Fi!


TSC - The Dreaded Tails Doll. by taeshilh

Okay, my first critique... I'm LOL-ing at the reactions, and probably most at the second last panel! "I need blood...." The 'cute' Tail...

I'm going to be honest. I'm not entirely sure whether I can finish my pending commissions or not, so I'm giving the option to cancel your commissions at any time. If you do, you'll get the refund + 50% of it for the trouble. But if you want to see it through, it's cool for me, but you gotta be extra patient, which I believe I've said it 10 times already. So I'm going to call out the people I'm indebted with, and the price of the commission :

:iconpkblastbastic101: - 1 Character (almost ready, just posing) - 80 :points:
:iconxluminii: - 2 Characters - 160 :points:
:iconsand-the-hedgehog-64: - 1 T-Pose - 60 :points:
:iconferal-spirit: - 1 Character - 80 :points: REFUNDED

I'm pretty sure that's everyone. I'm sorry for all the troubles. But yeah, I can get very distracted and all, plus there's uni.

For future commissions, I'm afraid there will be none. I really can't take risk of getting people to wait for months, even almost a year for me to finish. I'm going to reopen it only when I think I'm ready
  • Mood: Guilty

Limited dA Access and Mid-Term

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 19, 2013, 1:41 AM
For some reason the campus' internet blocked the access to several sites, including yahoo, some blogs, and Here

Which means things will be delayed. As you might've already noticed I'm not posting as much as usual. Without internet at home, I'm pretty much crippled, so... yeah

I'm not taking Commissions for the moment, not until I finish my current ones, and not until the midterm next two weeks are over.

Also, the 100 :points: commission is changed to a full 3Ds Max scene. Since I'm in the middle of practicing 3D Digital Visualization in 3Ds MAX at campus, I have better chance to make up with the lateness. ( :( )

I'm sorry

  • Mood: Anguish

Laptop is Busted

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 10:05 PM
Sorry guys. But apparently my laptop suddenly refused to be turned on. I'll be able to save my works in the harddisk, but I won't be able to work on them anytime soon while my dad's working on it

Back to Uni....

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 1, 2013, 7:30 PM study animation. Well, that means I will be mostly busy, plus internet isn't as good as before (it's quite good at the moment....)

Commission News

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 21, 2013, 2:46 AM
My commission is once again open. It's neither good nor bad news for you or me actually... you'll see.

- Short character animation
- Doubled price

Note for those who wants to commission me :
- Ever since I moved, I have no internet at home, at least not enough to send the pics, let alone swfs. So once again, patience...

- For animations, my first animations are sets of gameplay animation. But I've done some other animations, see the example

- For earlies (commissioned before the updated list, in the current session) use donation pool to send the remaining points

Note for those who haven't paid yet on the previous session :
- Use donation pool, since I have updated the list. Pay with the previous price

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The girl on the middle
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Sand-the-hedgehog-64 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
quills: as you can see mine are doubled exept the top one thats dark blue. yes i know its a sprite i'll explain.

the two black quills are in the bottom middle 

and the two white quills are in the top middle.

and the dark blue quill is on the top.

if you want me to explain some more i can.
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